Temmuz, 2017 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Do it in Style!

Hi guys! I'm here to talk about an event that I'm planning with some tips and fresh new ideas.. Ready...Set...Go!
As some of you know,I live in Antalya.It is a sunny and hot city with beautiful landmarks by Mediterranean Sea.Winter brings lots of rain,but when it turns to summer we enjoy the city to the fullest. I totally mean the Pool Parties,Chill Out events,bubbly dances in the club or any kind of meetings with girls toasting for the beauties! The event that I'm planning is a kind of pool party with my blogger friends.We'll have breakfast first,introducing some new local clothing brands then get ready for the party.Business and fun at the some time! First things first, I was planning to go for the invitation cards but when it comes to distrubute them I've realized that it would take so much time and effort.While I was thinking hardly on this,I came across the site called Paperless Post It provides both online and paper cards that can be used for any occasions s…